Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Dreaded Clothing Pile and 5 Ways to Conquer It


That pile of clothing on your chair/bench/floor/bed is judging you...

You're a mature adult who is able to manage competing priorities and multiple personalities on a daily basis.  You've coordinated girls' trips, parties, weddings, filed your own taxes 5 years in a row, and you can explain social media to your elders  But you can't get the best of that pile. Lucky you-  eLevated style studio is here to help!

Here are 5 things that will help you conquer that dreaded pile and use your chair/bench/floor/bed in the manner it was intended.

1. Anything that is worn, stained, ripped, stretched out or in some form of disrepair goes in the trash. No exceptions. No, that tee can to be repurposed into sleepwear.  No,  you don't need "clean-up" clothes or "paint the house" clothes, or "mow the lawn" clothes.  Toss it!

2. Is there anything in the pile that you haven't worn in the past year? Do not overthink this - answer honestly, then fold up the clothes you said yes about and donate them. if they've been in a pile that long you won't miss them.

3. Does it fit? If no, donate or consign it. No, you cannot hang onto it in the hopes that you will gain/lose 10 pounds. And if it truly has that much sentimental value, it's a keepsake and belongs in a keepsake box, not in a pile on your floor.  If yes it does fit, hang it up in your closet.  Unless...

4. Can you wear it this season? If no, pack it away for the next season. If yes there is still one last question...

5. Do you love it? Does it make you feel confident, tailored, edgy, whatever warm fuzzy feeling you get when you put on an outfit, walk past a mirror and like what you see. If no, maybe you have a friend who would look great in it.  Or donate/consign it. If yes, hang it in it's rightful place in your closet.

Congrats!  You've done it!  Pat yourself on the back and celebrate the demise of that dreaded pile.

ps - if you have multiple piles, no space in your closet, 
or this is way too overwhelming

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  1. okay...I swear it's like you were in my head, I have been putting this task off and now I know it needs to be done...these tips are so simple no need to keep overthinking it!

  2. OMG I needed this. I use my pile in my bed as props for my legs. This lifestyle practice is not acceptable, so I appreciate the very doable tips.

  3. I love these tips (especially the "no repurposing" advice)! My trash bags will be overflowing. :)

    1. As if you actually need a stretched out t-shirt for ANYTHING!! Lol!

  4. I'm at the "I need to contact YOU" point! Lawwwd!

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