Thursday, July 6, 2017

Can You Stand the Rain?


On a summer rain filled day, it's easy to wake up, look out of your window and immediately think "what do i wear?" Because who wants to mess up their best and brightest clothing while getting wet? Basic black is always an easy answer but why not try something a little different, like the classic combination of black with white.

Mix things up a bit by playing with patterns and textures.  White polka dots on a black flowy tie-neck blouse, paired with black and white stripes on a neoprene fabric a line mini skirt  puts a fun twist on dressing sans color. To add some brightness to an otherwise cloudy day, I brought along my Chanel-inspired umbrella, painted by artist Yvette Crocker ( follow her on IG @yvettecrocker_artist).  While complementing my black and white, the umbrella brings bold primary colors to make up for the lack of sunshine.

If the rain is heavy, add a fun and girly pair of rainboots like the ones below and you'll be singing in the rain.  Once the streets start to dry up you can change back into your summer sandals like I did!


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  1. Rainy days are sooooo hard! Thanks for the tips! I have those Joules boots with the bows in black with pink bows. Love love, love them!


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