Friday, June 30, 2017

Style Ruts and Cover Ups


4th of July eve and of course there's a party to attend. Time is ticking, there is still hair and makeup to be done, and you are standing in your closet sifting through what feels like the same old outfits that you always wear. Annoyance grows and you start to get anxious while thinking of excuses for why you shouldn't go.  Then your GGF sends a text "I'm on the way, ETA 30 minutes" HUGE SIGH! What's a frustrated fashionista to do???

When the crew is expecting your attendance

Necessity is the mother of invention.  It's also a good reason to throw conventional rules out the window.  Especially fashion rules (what are those anyway?  who made them? why do we even care?)

The party location is indoor/outdoor - it's hot and humid outside and bound to be hotter inside with all the wall to wall bodies.  You want nothing more than to be comfortable but still have to be stylish. And suddenly, you see it.  There -- thrown across your armchair is the white cover-up dress you bought on sale from White House Black Market that had you planned to throw in your beach bag for an upcoming bbq.  It's sheer but a white slip dress underneath takes care of that problem.  Add a wide belt and a pair of high-heeled gladiator boots and run out the door.

The finished product  So how'd I do?

Shout out to the GGF for sending the motivational text that got me moving

*Photo creds to Steven L. Jacobs of Steven Jacobs Photography

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