Thursday, August 3, 2017

Make Closet Purging Fun - Issa Swap Meet!


Admit it. Your closet is full of unwanted stuff; items with the tags still on that you have no intention of wearing, clothes that are 2 sizes too small, shoes that cause your toes and arches to scream in agony at the thought of putting them on your feet, purses you haven't carried, hats that no longer work with your current hairstyle, loungewear you planned to wear to girls' night sleepovers that you never attended. You know that you need to let it all go, but purging your closet is JUST. NOT. FUN. Or is it? There's a way you can reward yourself for the hard work that goes into purging a closet, and give your fashionable girlfriends an incentive to do the same. Host a Swap Meet like eLevated Style Studio did!

So what's a Swap Meet? There are different ground rules depending on how the hostess wants to hold the event and who is attending. Some swap meets are basically pop-up consignment shops, where the hostess sells your items and keeps a percentage of the sale price. Some hostesses only allow a swap for a swap - if you don't have an item of equal value to contribute you cannot participate.  Some swap meets are like mini flea markets where swappers set their own prices and are responsible for their own sales.  eLevated's rules aren't that strict because I believe swapping should be totally enjoyable - bring items in good or great condition, including home goods, or come empty handed. Don't bring anything you want to sell- take that to a great consignment store and make some money for your trouble. Whatever you do, come with a desire to shop and to have a good time because we like to eat, drink, and play dress-up!

Cocktails on deck!
Sometimes a friendly tussle ensues

My friends and clients come in many different sizes and shapes, with different fashion styles, and there is always something for everyone. Rarely does anyone go home empty handed.  So bag up that stuff that is taking up all that mental and physical space in your style wardrobe, grab a few clothing racks from the Container Store, leftover wire hangers from your last dry cleaning run and a bunch of empty shopping bags for the swap finds, and set a date!

One girl's trash is another girl's treasure - at a Swap Meet, everyone is sure to leave with a smile. We sure did! 

*Remaining items not swapped were boxed up and donated to charity

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