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My Top Ten Shoe Picks for Fall from Zara


My Top Ten Shoe Picks for Fall from Zara

This was a tough post to write - having to pick only ten shoes is a major challenge for a bonafide shoe addict.  Especially when fashion retailer Zara has sooooo many amazing shoes that are must haves. Even more so when the "easy on your bank account" price tags are valid justification for multiple purchases. I kept switching up my top ten and trying to add just one more to the list- top twenty-five...picking a favorite shoe is like picking a favorite child - how can you choose?!?!  They each have different characteristics and attributes and unique details that make them utterly amazing.  Refusing to take the easy way out and do a random pick, I chose various shoe styles, heel heights, colors and textures.  The end result is below - my top ten shoes from the Fall line-up at Zara. ps - I only slightly cheated

Number 1: Sateen Knee High Boots.  These knee high boots feature a pointy toe and are wide at the calf so that they naturally gather. They come in a beautiful navy blue below and also burgundy. Wear them with your favorite skinny jeans or a mid-length dress.  Sizes are quickly selling out online so your best bet is to visit a store.

Number 2: Ankle Boots.  These super cute boots are made of 100% goat leather and feature a trendy ruffle.  The heel height is just under 4 inches. Wear with your favorite ruffled shirt and a pair of leather leggings.

Are black ankle boots too boring for you. If so, my Number 3 pick might be for you. Metallics are still a Fall fashion YES.  These cuties are a simple style but far from basic.  They will add shine to any outfit.

Number 4: Floral print flatform oxfords. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the detailing on these shoes and the contrast of the white platform sole.  I also love the velvet buckle detail across the top. Wear these with pretty much anything - dress down a skirt, dress up a pair of joggers, you really can't go wrong.

Halfway there so let's shift gears from low to high with Number 5, a gorgeous pair of satin pumps in a vibrant blue-green with Swarowski crystal detail at the vamp.  This shoe is so beautiful that I would keep the outfit simple but stylish - a pair of black tailored capri or cigarette pants and a black turtleneck a la Audrey Hepburn would be perfect.

Number 6 What's better than a great pair of work pumps in a classic raisin color?  The heel height is suitable for a conservative office but still high enough to turn heads at post-work dinner and drinks, without your toes and arches complaining.  And the patent leather upper and bow detail is super sweet.

Number 7 is another heel pick - yellow and green leaf print mules.  Mules are my least favorite style of shoe - without the support of an ankle strap I feel like my feet are always sliding forward - but these are gorgeous! The deep green is a perfect color for Fall and with the lighter green and yellow, you can bring them back out for Spring.

I broke my own rules and picked 2 shoes for Number 8 (told you this was a hard post to write).  Both are flats and both are funky.   I honestly could not decide. Feel free to tell me which of the 2 are your favorite . I love the different sized silver studs on the first pair - they standout and speak to my inner Michael Jackson.  Plus, the squared toe makes these cute and comfy. Would wear these with a button-up white shirt and any bottom.
For the second pair, I love the detail of the stripes, the pointed toes and the high vamp.  The heel folds down so that you can wear these as mules.  Super cute with a pair of work pants or jeans.

Number 9: Peep-toe ankle booties made of a die-cut elastic fabric in a perfect for Fall purple. These booties feature a 4 inch heel and are sure to turn heads.  I would wear them with a skirt or dress to show them all the way off!
We've finally reached the end of my list. Number 10 is a pair of dressy high-heeled satin sandals.  The blush color has been trendy throughout the Spring and Summer and continues into the Fall.  I love the strap across the instep with the brooch detail and the ankle strap. Break these out for Fall formals or be daring and wear them more casually with a jean skirt and a fancy pair of ankle socks or tights.

Honorable Mention: These fire-engine red patent leather boots made my original cut because of the edgy abstract heel detail.  However at the time of posting, the boots were no longer available online. I guess other fashionistas had the same idea!  If you find them in-store snatch them up ASAP!


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