Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Art is Everywhere


My fashionable friend Kandra (check out her elegantly curated IG @mckandes) hashtags all her posts with "art is everywhere" in reference to how fashion and style pull from the art world.  I realize that I've embraced that tenet a tad obsessively, especially when it comes to one artist in particular whom I've incorporated into my personal style.

I was first introduced to Yvette Crocker (@yvettecrocker_artist) as the horoscope artist for Essence magazine. Her illustrations of the zodiac signs were clever, colorful, beautiful, and inspiring, and I found myself intrigued to see what the next month's issue would bring. I didn't have a clue that this same nationally renowned artist was a local girl but there I was attending a sale of her artwork and home decor and learning that she was not only an artist but a successful jewelry designer.

I don't do anything half-heartedly, and so I immediately began investing in both art pieces and jewelry pieces (which are themselves works of art). Then I took a road trip to see Yvette's jewelry line, Tsion Rocks, rock the runway at NYFW in 2015. Then I bought more jewelry, and more art. She started illustrating mugs and calendars and notecards and I bought those too. One day, as I stopped by to pick up one of my purchases, Yvette informed me of her plans for her next NYFW stint. She would be designing clothes. Yes clothes. As in fashion. My new art obsession was about to collide with my fashion addiction. What was that tagline of Kandra's again? Yep, art is everywhere!

Of course, the fashionista in me wanted to lay eyes on the fashion goods in the works. I knew that whatever she was cooking up in her studio was going to be nothing short of incredible. But like any true artist, Yvette promptly shooed me out of her door. So I waited. With the rest of her fans and followers.  We waited, probably less than patiently, but we waited. And, oh my Lord, when she unveiled that first collection! I was beside myself trying to figure out which piece I wanted and how I could get my hands on it before someone else did. Well, as luck would have it, there was nothing in my size. Those Fashion Week models are small, y'all! But as I said earlier, as an Yvette Crocker fan, I have learned to wait, so wait I did and soon enough, there was the payoff as she added tees and tanks, then shoes, then socks, then jackets and leggings and sweatshirts. Yep, art is everywhere - and now it's in my closet!

Below are a few pics that illustrate the art in my style.


This one Yvette Crocker tank has traveled with me across the globe on business travel to Las Vegas and on a bucket list trip to a mosque in Abu Dhabi. I have worn it on casual weekend getaways and to special occasion brunches.  I often get asked if the woman is me - the bone structure and long neck are similar enough that I'd like to say yes, but nope, she is purely #blackgirlmagic from the artist's imagination.

Even my accessories reflect art as fashion!

I've worn the Coco Couture tank on the above left so much that it's starting to fade from too much washing (time to get a new one!)  The tee on the right was customized with a reference to my personal styling business (thank you Yvette!) And there's one more item still waiting to be worn and many others on the wish list to buy.

Recently, more and more fashion designers are adding artistic illustrations to their clothing lines. I hope you have as much style fun with the trend as I am having.  Art IS everywhere, and it's out there waiting for you to style it!

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  1. Love this post....and not just for vain reasons! ;-)

    1. I’m so glad! But be vain and take your credit where it’s due

  2. I absolutely love this! Between Kandra, Yvette, and You, I just might have a chance in the ever amazing manifestation of art and fashion. Awesome Meech.


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