Saturday, December 2, 2017

Style Ruts and Making Black Magic


So what's the most common style rut for late fall and winter? Most people will probably say sweatpants, but in my humble opinion sweatpants don't count as stylish so they can't be considered as a style rut. I'm sure some of you disagree but we can argue that point on another post. The style rut I'm speaking of is wearing all black.  I know, I know, it's so hard not to do! I do it too, especially as the days grow shorter and colder and I don't want to have to think about what to wear. Black is effortless, classic, stylish, slimming, and let's face it - EASY! Still, even with all of the great attributes of the color black, unless you work at the MAC counter or Sephora, too much all black can be a bad thing. A boring thing.

To keep black as exiting and edgy as it should be, I like to play around with mixing textures, patterns, and fabrics. Exhibit A - Me dressed to attend a recent "All Black Affair" party.

A sheer bodysuit is toned down by velvet appliqué details, and paired with a pleated leather skirt with velvet inserts, giving a proper mix of sexy and sweet. The toughness of the leather skirt is softened by the schoolgirl-style pleats. The sex appeal of the bodysuit is made more modest by the velvet accents. I also added gold accessories to break up the monotony of the color. The belt complements the pleats of the skirt as does the kiltie gold glitter loafer.

See more ideas below to turn your all black style from basic and boring to Black Magic!
Singer Monica Brown does all black to perfection
mixing textures in black - heavy sweatshirt with a net skirt

Teyana Taylor goes all black and BOLD!


Laura Govan looks like a sexy cast member of "The Matrix'"
fur and leather is always a great texture combo

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