Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why black and white is Always Right


*Illustration credit to artist Yvette Crocker

Lately I have been in love with the graphic contrast of black and white. Clean, classic, and always on trend, black and white is style perfection. It is also easy to accessorize because what doesn't go with black and white? And the icing is that it gives you a reason to rock a bold red lip.

To make this timeless trend work doesn't require a ton of effort but you will have to put in some thought.  Too boring and you'll look like an usher.

Below are some of my favorite black and white looks from my own closet. You'll see that it is kind of my go-to move.

And yes, I do a lot of repeats with my pieces but that's the beauty of a good wardrobe - you can wear the same skirt/top/pants multiple times as long as your wardrobe is versatile enough to style it in different ways. Hopefully you will be inspired to explore your own monochromatic style!

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