Thursday, March 1, 2018

❤ & a Bespoke Brother


I've been asked if I style men, and while I have yet to officially step into that arena, what true fashionista can't appreciate the sexiness of a well-appointed men's wardrobe. If you aren't blessed with a guy whose fly matches your fly, don't despair. Turning your fave guy fashionable isn't rocket science. Sometimes he just needs a little assistance to see what's in fashion and will work for him. As women, most of us are willing to suffer a bit for fashion - be honest, none of the pairs of Christian Louboutins you own are comfortable. Not at all. But men want comfort and ease. And at first glance, a pair of slim cut trousers might not fit into his comfort profile. So start with a few easy pieces and elevate your Boo from boring and basic to a tailor-made turn-on.

One of the first things any stylish woman notices on a man, IMHO, a good pair of shoes can elevate a tshirt and jeans to a date-night worthy outfit. And please don't forget the sox matters.


A pair of slim cut pants, please and thank you! The choice is yours - jeans, khakis, cargos, camos or joggers, but for the love of all things stylish, leave the baggy loose fit pants on the rack. There is nothing finer than a man in a pair of pants that fit just right. Just don't go overboard by going skinny. Teenage boys and rappers wear skinny jeans. Nice and slim is definitely the way to go. And while I can abide by a slightly cropped length (when worn with the correct footwear), leave the full-fledged capris alone (not a fan!)

Yes a vest like the one your grandfather used to wear. Oh, you'd be surprised just how sexy it can be on a man. Dress it up with a tie or down with jeans but give it a try. Trust your favorite fashionista, a vest done right, will not disappoint.

Winter, spring, summer or fall, a scarf is one of my favorite accessories on a man. It pulls a simple look together and gives it just the right amount of swag and sex appeal. Admit it, a scarf knotted at his neck makes you want to pull him in close for a kiss. And you can tell some things about a man by the way he wears his scarf:
Is he daring with a flair for the dramatic?

Does he like to stand out and be different?

Is he a classic and clean cut kinda guy?

I don't care if it's a rugged baseball cap, a stingy brim, a straw fedora or a wool skully, a hat on a man equals a YASSSSS! for style. Each and every time. See Exhibit A below - these brothers just got it right. #slowhandclap

There are so many ways to help your guy transform from looking broke to fine and bespoke, but always remember this...No matter how you decide to dress your dude, having you on his arm is always his most stylish look.

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