Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Closet Cleaning while there is Snow on the Ground


March 20th marked the first day of Spring, but for many of us the scene outside our windows is anything but Spring-like. The East Coast is experiencing some pretty severe winter weather that has us digging out our snowboots for one final (we hope!) wear. Like me, I am sure you are weary of this uncooperative weather. Here in Washington, DC, the eagerly-awaited cherry blossoms started to peek out and then thought better of it and went back to sleep.  Our closets are undergoing the same process - we get excited to break out the spring wardrobe and the weather forecast tells us "Nope!"
What Spring is versus what Spring should be

No matter what 5 inches of snow on the ground may indicate, I believe in the power of positive thinking.  If we think Spring maybe Mother Nature will feel compelled to usher in sunnier, warmer days. And with a free snowday off from work, and nowhere to go, it's the perfect time to transition your closet from Winter to Spring.

Opening the doors to your closet should inspire you and what is more inspiring than seeing bright Spring colors and patterns looking back at you! Having a seasonal closet is very important to being a successfully well-dressed woman. If you have all of your clothes packed in the closet together with no rhyme or reason, how can you see the style possibilities that are waiting tor you?
Below are a style tips to help you transition into Spring:

  • Pack away your heavy Winter sweaters and break out the lightweight knits. 
  • I'm hoping that your winter wardrobe did not consist of all black, all the time, but now is definitely the time for bold rainbow colors and Easter-egg pastels.
eLevated Style Studio on the set off "Great Day Washington" showing off Spring style and color
  • Place your parkas and puffer coats in the back of the closet. Spring outerwear means lighter leather and suede jackets as well as structured trench coats. Colorful moto jackets and bomber jackets look great over a sweater and a trench makes layering easy and can be dressed up or down.

  • Don't experience any footwear anxiety. It may be time for the OTK boots to hibernate, but you can still have warm and stylish tootsies. I ❤ bright socks/tights with pumps, slingbacks, and sandals.
Now that you are getting into the swing of Spring cleaning, it wouldn't be right of me to let your closet be unorganized in the process.  Keep these helpful hints in mind while you are swapping your wool pants for midi skirts:
  • Get rid of anything you have multiples versions of.  Have 4 dresses that are different but not really, for instance, 4 floral-patterned dresses with the same color patterns, or the same style button-up shirt in 5 different colors? You don't need more than 2 almost identical items - pick your favorite 2 and consign or donate the rest

  • Do any of the Spring clothes that you unpacked still have a price tag attached? If you didn't wear it all last Spring/Summer, chances are you won't wear it now.  Consign these items,  recoup some money for your trouble, and enjoy your closet guilt-free.

  • "It's so comfortable, I'm gonna save it and wear it around the house" clothes have to go. Stained and stretched out tees, shrunken tanks, saggy athleisure gear that you would not be caught dead wearing outside of the house - toss it. In the trash. Now.

  • Clothes that fit you when you were another you have no place in your closet now. This means anything that is too large or small or simply no longer your style. If an item is too large, I'm pretty sure you don't want to get back that size. If it's too small and you are saving it to get back into post-weight loss, I'm sure you will want to reward your hard work with new clothes.  How do you know that the item will fit your brand new bod anyway? And  your style should evolve and change over time. If it's not you anymore and it no longer makes you happy, just do like Elsa from Frozen, and Let It Go.

  • Lastly, if there are items that you just don't like, add them to the donation pile.  
If you follow these easy steps, your Spring wardrobe should look fresh, tightly edited and exciting! Also, if you have enough items in your donation pile, consider hosting a Spring swap meet (read all about swap meets here (

Happy Spring!!!!

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  1. Your blog gave me the push to clean out my closet, 4 big black trash bags worth of clothes being donated. Now reading this, it’s time to begin on my dressers.

    1. I hope one of those bags has my name on it!!! #jackpot lol
      congrats - I know that was a lot of work. proud of you!

  2. This was a great post...and a great reminder. 💋

  3. thank you. Always an on-going process to keep a tidy and stylish closet!


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