Sunday, September 23, 2018

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do: Styling a Fashion Photoshoot


One of my FAVORITE things about being a stylist is Styling for photoshoots or on-air television segments.  These are basically opportunities to get my shopping fix in without adding to my already at capacity closet. When I work a shoot, I choose the clothing, the accessories, and the general “look” of the model for the shoot. Sometimes I get direction from the client but mostly it's what I think would be hot. I get to be in charge of the clothing and accessories and the way the model looks. It takes a creative eye as well as an organized but flexible mind. 

Usually, I pull at least 2 outfits for each style look because you never know if the outfit you see in your head will actually work out  in real life. Or God forbid if the model will have a wardrobe malfunction. All of those clothes have to be packed in a suitcase, along with my trusty on-site stylist's fashion aid kit, and transported safely to the shoot, then unpacked, hung and organized, and sometimes steamed/ironed.

Styling also involves the “look” of the outfit: how should the top hang on the model's shoulders, will the dress show cleavage, are the cargo pants going to be dressed up with heels or dressed down with combat boots? These small touches are crucial when you are thinking about how the clothes will photograph.  Potential shoppers and styling clients will want the clothes because of how well the model is wearing them. 

Photoshoots are fun but don't let anyone tell you they aren't work! Still, you know you're following your dreams and working within your gifts when at the end of a long long day, you can still smile like this.

 #staystylish 💋love, Michele

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