Friday, December 7, 2018

My #StyleDiary: Girls Night Out with Wink and Pout


Going out on a work night is always an adventure and I have to admit, sometimes I am just not up to the challenge. But I was not going to miss the grand opening of the brick and mortar storefront for Wink and Pout Cosmetics, a beautiful makeup and skincare line, created and cultivated by Kym Lee King. Kym is near and dear to my heart; she is family and she did my bridal makeup. I maintain to this day that my wedding beat was the prettiest I have ever looked in my entire life. Kym has maintained a successful online business for years but now her products and services are a part of the Spa at the MGM Grand National Harbor!


It was a night full of beauty and beautiful people. I wanted to be appropriately dressed but still comfortable. It's not easy to find a pair of fly designer shoes that allow you to stand on a marble floor for hours but these Gucci pumps did the trick.

And when I'm rushing to do a quick change from work clothes to "go out" clothes, I guarantee you that I will always bet on black for my outfit. It's a no brainer!

Congrats Cuzn Kym!!!! I love you and wish you all the continued success, blessings, and happiness you can handle.  Go check out Wink and Pout and get BEAUTIFUL!!

 #staystylish 💋love, Michele

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