Sunday, April 28, 2019

Q&A with Meech: What about the Plus-Sized Girls?


Recently, I served as a panelist at the B.A.S.H. Pop Up Brunch Panel (read about the event here). My favorite question that I was asked was how I attract my fashionable friends to my styling business via social media. I liked this question because it made me think. As I discover more about using social media for business, I've learned that your content is not for you, it's for your followers.
Stylish plus-sized women are a large sector on IG - if they aren't engaged on my page, that's a problem. But I'm the size I am and the content on my social media is mainly me - I am building a brand based on my services and talents. Did I really want to change that format?

With these thoughts in my head, I went through my IG and FB pages with the proverbial fine toothed comb. Nothing is perfect, so of course there were tweaks to be made, but looking at my posts made the answer clear as day, and when I think back on how I answered the question at the brunch panel, it was confirmation.

My styling service is not based on size, it's based on the woman I see before me, and helping her to tell her story through fashion. When I post pictures of myself, they are to serve as examples of my personal style - to give ideas, or provide a roadmap. These ideas translate to a size 0 or a size 24 - size is truly nothing but a number. I don't wear many things that someone smaller or bigger than my size couldn't pull off. That's why I always say that a person's sense of style is really all about their inner confidence. When I see a woman who is smaller than me wearing an outfit I like, I go home and translate parts of that look into something that works for me. If a fashionable friend who is a size 8 admires my style and contracts my styling services, I am going to translate my look into a similar one that works for her - not just something that is her size but something that tells her story - what she wants the world to see, what she has to say about who she is.

So the answer to my plus girls is this...
While my IG and FB pics represent me as the Chief Fashionista of my brand, my styling is representative of all women. If you love my style but can't see how to make it work for your size, contact me for a consultation - together we can find your style story!

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