Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Inspired by Frida Kahlo: An Editorial Photoshoot


"I paint flowers so they will not die" - Frida Kahlo

Working as a wardrobe stylist for photoshoots is a humbling experience. Each and every opportunity I get to do what I love feels fresh and new and is such a blessing. My most recent invitation to style a shoot was just as incredible with one exception that made it even better - this shoot was a picture perfect all- female collaboration with 5 other amazing creatives! Hairstylist Gwynn Johnson of GoByGeohaghan, Makeup artist Sarah Carter, Photographer Beya Johnson and models Aja and Sara were the quintessential girl dream team and together we made Frida Kahlo come to life in the Spring of 2019! (Special shoutout to our silent collaborator, business owner Kristie Lee of Lee's Flower Shop for providing the floral arrangements for the shoot!)
While other people were running Saturday morning errands or just getting out of bed, we were up and at 'em, letting our creative juices fly on the set.
Sarah prepped, painted and retouched faces using a brilliant color palette.
Gwynn created beautiful crowns of hair using big braids and curls and vibrant flowers.

Beya facilitated gorgeous shots with her photographer's expertise, finding the best lighting and angles as well as being super encouraging and putting the models at ease.
As for the styling for the shoot, I was inspired by Frida Kahlo's iconic sense of fashion - blending traditional Mexican looks with a modern twist that felt easy but still sexy. Below are the looks I came up with. 


Scroll down for a peek at a few of my favorite pictures from the finished album collection. These pictures will be featured in an upcoming magazine editorial via the Two Bright Lights platform. I am so proud of the work I did with these ladies and truly cannot wait for the chance to do it again and again!


"Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?" - Frida Kahlo

   - Michele

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