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Coach Meech isn't new to the fitness world, she's true to it.

With over 20 years of experience,

including certifications in personal training and group exercise,

her goal is simple -

to create physical wellness programs

for every woman that will work

for YOU and change YOUR life for the better!

Join the Shape Squad!

Client Testimonials

"I'm sticking to the plan. I added weights to my daily squats. I use almond flour in my pancakes...not bad. Definitely a lifestyle change and it feels good."

- Crystal B.  


So finally, when Meech says "keep your core engaged", I actually can! I can focus more than one muscle group AND keep my core tight. For me this is pretty major...now I'm regularly checking in with my muscles and my core and it's so cool!

- Nellie F.

"I am definitely more focused on my eating. I took my meal prep to the next level and have all my lunches an dinners labeled as high, low, or no carbs and have truly stuck to the plan and I don't feel deprived or hangry!!"

- K. White

"Today was tougher than yesterday! But in strange way, I like it. This has been a great learning experience for me thus far. I'm learning my body again. I'm learning what I can and cannot eat. Low energy, tired, hungry, over it...I'm still working out. That's huge for me"

-Nicole S.

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