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It's my personal belief that having style is a total body experience. It comes from self-love, and self-confidence and a knowledge of who you are. As you learn and experience new things, you grow as a person - why shouldn't your style do the same


Style is simply a story, your story. It isn't just about clothes, it's who you want to be and what you have to say. So why not experiment and have fun with fashion! Let it speak to you and let it speak for you!


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Saturday, October 19, 2019

My #Style Diary: A Spiritual Butterfly at the #ButterflyBash

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the truly inspiring Butterfly Bash at the Washington National Cathedral. Being a guest at the event was exciting for me for a few reasons: first, it's called the Butterfly Bash, and if you keep up with my blog or IG enough, you know that the butterfly is my spirit animal. I am always looking forward to a chance to channel my spirit animal!
I had to wear my πŸ¦‹ tights!
Second, the event was held on my old stomping grounds - as a graduate of the Beauvoir School and the National Cathedral School for girls, the Cathedral holds some special memories for me. I've never been to an event at the Cathedral that was not a religious service, a graduation, a wedding or a celebration of life (I don't like the word "funerals"). It was amazing to see the Cathedral in such beautiful lighting (although it made for some slightly tricky picture taking!)

But the most important reason I quickly accepted the plus one invite was that is put on by FairChance, an organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting community-based nonprofits who in turn are changing the lives of DC area youth living in poverty.
FairChance's logo includes a butterfly which is a symbol of life and hope. On a personal level, the butterfly represents transformations and this is a sentiment shared by Fair Chance. The organization was inspired by the Maya Angelou quote "We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty". I referenced that same quote when I got my butterfly tattoo which sits on the lifeline of my radial artery. 
I'm not a believer in coincidence - God and the Universe put you in certain situations and places for a reason. It was a privilege to talk with a few of the nonprofit partners and learn more about their missions and the children they serve. As I said, really inspiring. We talked so long that we didn't realize that the party had shut down around us!
Congrats to FairChance and to the community organizations doing the important work for children and families in our city - It was a beautiful event to raise funds for beautiful people!

 #staystylish πŸ’‹love, Michele

Sunday, October 6, 2019

My #StyleDiary Tip: Be a Walking BIllboard

You probably don't even think about but you are a walking billboard. Everything you do, every picture you take, the clothes you wear all create an image and vibe that says something about who you are as an individual. If you are an entrepreneur, you speak for your business and brand too. I personally like to create tshirts that speak to my personal styling/style blogger brand - I get to sell my business while selling tees to others who want to express themselves in a similar fashion. 
When I style clients or even myself, I often think about how people are judged almost immediately by appearance. For me, helping someone find their personal style isn't about what's trendy - it's about taking control of how you want people to see you. The way you dress changes your demeanor and influences the way we think about ourselves and our place in the world. Want to be seen as powerful?  Are you creative? Let it show in your style choices. Dress the part and watch yourself start to own it!

Part of being a walking billboard is being confident in who you are. Your personal style communicates confidence and commands respect without you ever having to say a word.  
Here's your best style tip for the Fall 2019 season and beyond: challenge yourself. Think about the perception you want to give off - does it match the one you are currently giving?  You are a walking billboard  - you can put any image of yourself into the world. You have the power to affect how people see you and it can all start with something as simple as your personal style. Be the you that you've always wanted to be! And if you need help getting started, contact me for an "eLevate your style" personal styling session!

 #staystylish πŸ’‹love, Michele

Monday, September 23, 2019

Yay or Nay: Emmy's 2019 Style Recap on Great Day Washington

The red carpet was purple for the 2019 Emmy Awards and television royalty definitely rose to the occasion, delivering current style trends as well as returning us to past Hollywood glam. Overall, bright jewel toned colors were the IT factor of the night, as seen on Zendaya.

Although the night was full of amazing fashions from some of the top designers, quite a few styles stood out to me as an absolute YASSSSSS, while others missed the mark. Feel free to comment below and let me know if you agree/disagree with my picks.

Valentine's Day Slay
Pink and Red were the color blocking combo of the night at the Emmys and in my opinion, Mandy Moore was the best of the best, followed closely by Taraji P. Henson. I was especially excited to these colors as a fashion do because I picked the combo as a Spring 2018 fashion trend

I was not a fan of Dascha Polanco's pink and white number - as puffy as the sleeves were, they fell flat for me.

Who Wears the Pants
I love love love love dressing up in pants, so the tuxedos, jumpsuits and formal pants were definitely a hit for me! The men got in on the action wearing statement tuxes in bold colors, fabrics and designs. RuPaul's tuxedo was my favorite - I love the abstract floral pattern, the soft but bold pink, and the versatility. I could see this on a woman or a man.

The structure of Angela Bassett's jumpsuit was spot on. She looked amazing and comfy. I love the little cutout above the waist and the bag that looks like a piece of candy. And Kerry Washington proves that simple is far from boring in a tuxedo blouse and seamed sequin pants. Perfection!

Unfortunately, Amy Poehler missed the mark for me, with a jumpsuit that resembled a mechanic's overalls.

Romantic Florals

As I mentioned in my 2019 Fall Fashion trends post, romantic florals are definitely in. While she might not have won the Game of Thrones, Lena Headey definitely was the Queen of the Floral category. 

Kendall Jenner, not so much... the dress was beautiful but the latex top was awful.

As Simple as Black and White
My favorite dress of the night was a tie between Zendaya and Jamie Comer. The "Killing Eve" star slayed us all in her sexy and structured gown by Tom Ford, with cutouts and slits in all the right places.

"Pose" actor, Indya Moore, did not fair as well with her dress choice - I thought it looked a little too "club-wear" for the Emmys - maybe the MTV awards?

And with deepest regret, I must report that I was not a fan of Billy Porter's outfit. I love Billy, think he's a great actor and go crazy each and every time he pushes the style envelope but this was not it for me. I likened him to a certain movie character in my tv recap. NO SHADE!!!

Shiny Things
Metallics are another Fall 2019 trend and Niecy Nash wowed me in this gown by Christian Siriano. That Body!!!!
Others wore the trend as well

And while Brienne of Tarth is one of my faves from GoT, I was confused by her Jesus of Nazareth fashion choice. I know it's Gucci Resort - so what. This is the Emmys not cosplay (her earrings were fire though)!

Click HERE to watch my latest segment on WUSA9 "Great Day DC" where I recap the fashion highs and lows of the 2019 Emmy Awards show. 

 #staystylish πŸ’‹love, Michele

Thursday, September 19, 2019

My #StyleDiary - Viva Mexico!

This edition of My #StyleDiary is all about my amazing, incredible, magical, "when can I go back" trip to Mexico. I cannot express enough how spectacular the west coast of Mexico is and how much this trip both centered and inspired me, so I will just let my pics do most of the talking. 

Clearly, when you are taking a trip to a beach resort, the main thing to pack is your bathing suits. Trina Turk makes my fave swimsuits - they fit well, they are colorful and stylish, and they never cease to get a compliment. 

I also got the chance to go desnuda in my own private pool off my room. Talk about being carefree!

Sightseeing in Sayulita. The weather was perfect this entire trip! And we happened to be traveling over Mexican Independence weekend - Viva Mexico! - soooo many drink and food specials to choose from. The all you can eat tacos and the fresh guac were YUM!
There was the ATV ride to the top of Monkey Mountain.

I did pack a little something special for a night on the town.
And then, it was time to come home. But I am plotting and planning my return. Gracias Mexico! Te echo mucho de menos mi amor!

 #staystylish πŸ’‹love, Michele

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My #StyleDiary - Coffee, Tea, and Meech

This "My #StyleDiary" entry is all about being caffeinated to the max. Most blog readers who follow my Instagram page know that I am an avid Starbucks fan, my drink of choice being a chai tea latte with soy milk and extra pumps of chai. However, I started taking walking breaks with my friends and they turned me on to there fave coffee shop, Bourbon.

I haven't given up on Starbucks, mainly because of the convenience of the drive thru, but as you can see from the picture below, Bourbon has a pretty extensive menu of really delicious drinks.
And they are socially conscious - the first Bourbon shop opened in Rwanda and the company is committed to economic growth in Africa. How could my #Blackgirlmagic be mad at that?

Shout out to a company that makes you feel good about spending your money and provides great flavors as well as photo op settings! And in case you are wondering, where I got this great maxi dress, check out my blogpost about the grand opening of Eshe Boutique.

 #staystylish πŸ’‹love, Michele

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