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I’m Michele - affectionately known as Meech - and I am the Chief Fashionista and Stylist-at-large at eLevated style studio where all things fashionable are always in style.


It's my personal belief that having style is a total body experience. It comes from self-love, and self-confidence and a knowledge of who you are. As you learn and experience new things, you grow as a person - why shouldn't your style do the same


Style is simply a story, your story. It isn't just about clothes, it's who you want to be and what you have to say. So why not experiment and have fun with fashion! Let it speak to you and let it speak for you!


In a style rut? You’re in luck! eLevated style studio is here to do the work for you! eLevated style studio is your go-to source for creative inspiration on what's right to wear, right now.

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meech's musings

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Q&A with Meech: What about the Plus-Sized Girls?


Recently, I served as a panelist at the B.A.S.H. Pop Up Brunch Panel (read about the event here). My favorite question that I was asked was how I attract my fashionable friends to my styling business via social media. I liked this question because it made me think. As I discover more about using social media for business, I've learned that your content is not for you, it's for your followers.
Stylish plus-sized women are a large sector on IG - if they aren't engaged on my page, that's a problem. But I'm the size I am and the content on my social media is mainly me - I am building a brand based on my services and talents. Did I really want to change that format?

With these thoughts in my head, I went through my IG and FB pages with the proverbial fine toothed comb. Nothing is perfect, so of course there were tweaks to be made, but looking at my posts made the answer clear as day, and when I think back on how I answered the question at the brunch panel, it was confirmation.

My styling service is not based on size, it's based on the woman I see before me, and helping her to tell her story through fashion. When I post pictures of myself, they are to serve as examples of my personal style - to give ideas, or provide a roadmap. These ideas translate to a size 0 or a size 24 - size is truly nothing but a number. I don't wear many things that someone smaller or bigger than my size couldn't pull off. That's why I always say that a person's sense of style is really all about their inner confidence. When I see a woman who is smaller than me wearing an outfit I like, I go home and translate parts of that look into something that works for me. If a fashionable friend who is a size 8 admires my style and contracts my styling services, I am going to translate my look into a similar one that works for her - not just something that is her size but something that tells her story - what she wants the world to see, what she has to say about who she is.

So the answer to my plus girls is this...
While my IG and FB pics represent me as the Chief Fashionista of my brand, my styling is representative of all women. If you love my style but can't see how to make it work for your size, contact me for a consultation - together we can find your style story!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Poppin' Up at the B.A.S.H. Brunch

On the last day of March 2019, I took part in the B.A.S.H Pop Up and Brunch hosted by Monica Byrd. I served as a panelist, discussing my passion behind my personal styling and wardrobe organization business and keeping it real about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Keep reading to find out more about this amazing experience!

B.A.S.H., which stands for Beauty, Art, Style, Home, and is the brainchild of @themonicabyrd, a curator of beautiful and creative pop up shopping experiences revolving around all aspects of style and beauty. If you've followed me for awhile, you've seen me post pics from a few of her pop ups at the Ivy City location. I've met the owners of some of the best fashion and accessory boutiques at these pop ups - women I continue to buy from to this day.
Modeling a fly hat and kimono from @gipsylicious at one of the B.A.S.H Pop Ups
This March, Monica incorporated a brunch and panel discussion into her pop up shopping event, an idea that was right up my alley - I LOVE to throw a stylish brunch! Along with myself, the other panel members included Sade @thefashionablyfitlife, Nayoka Simone @nayokasimone, and Heather @imageconcierge, and was moderated by the incredible Brit Jones @thebritjones.
Monica, Sade, Me, Brit, Nayoka and Heather
I did not know any of the other ladies well, in fact, I'd met Brit and Sade for the first time that day, but the synergy between us panel members was perfection - talk about Black Girl Magic - I was really inspired by the power of these Beautiful Boss Babes! I also shared several of my style and wardrobe organization tips, but I left with a lot to think about from the audience questions as well as the powerful wisdom shared by the other panelists. For me, the greatest impact of the event was the "aha" moment I had when I realized that I stood in front of strangers and spoke without breaking a sweat. I've shared in previous posts that public speaking is one of my biggest fears - many people find it hard to believe but it's true. I've been working to conquer this fear by accepting invitations to speak, from my television appearances as a stylist on "Great Day Washington" to speaking to student groups about pursuing your dreams. As the B.A.S.H. brunch began, I felt that old familiar nervousness, but I took a deep breath, prayed on it and spoke from my heart.
Meech on the mic!

At the end of the event, I was so happy to discover that my telltale areas where I sweat were nice and dry. When I left, I felt so proud of myself that I decided to document the day with a few celebratory pics in front of a fun mural in the neighborhood.

Thank you again, Monica Byrd, for the opportunity. Can't wait for the next time I can be a pop up panelist!
thanks Monica!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Spring Forward and Get that Closet in Order!


When you open the doors to your closet are you inspired or are you stressed out?
If your answer is...

you are most definitely in need of professional help! Enter Michele, the Closet Conqueror, to the rescue!! My "Spring Forward" Closet Clean-Up Special will get your wardrobe in tip top shape. 

What is more satisfying than knowing a happy and well-organized closet awaits you every time you need to get dressed? Having a functional closet is of utmost importance to being a successfully well-dressed woman. If all of your clothes are packed in the closet cluttered, mixed-up, chaotic, messy (all the words you don't want to hear when it comes to anything in your life) with no rhyme or reason, how can you see the style possibilities that are waiting tor you?

Stop averting your eyes to the pile(s) of clothes you don't want to sort through because you don't know where to start. Stop torturing your fashion finds with wire hangers. Stop being stressed and start getting dressed in your best! Contact me now before the "Spring Forward" Special ends. I can't wait to bring new life to your wardrobe!

BONUS: Bring your newly purged clothes, shoes and accessories to the eLevated style studio swapmeet and discover a few new fashionable finds. For more information and tickets click the link below.


#staystylish πŸ’‹

love, Michele

Friday, March 1, 2019

A little bit of Coral in your Life - Pantone’s color of 2019!!!


Have you noticed that the color coral is super popular this year? You're likely to find it in any store you visit, popping up on home goods like pillows and candles, clothing and shoes, and it's definitely present in the makeup and beauty aisles.
is a vibrant yet mellow coral with a golden undertone. You aren't imagining things - "Living Coral"l is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019.

Pantone chose “Living Coral” in reaction to the impersonal, false sense of community that has been a side effect of social media and digital technology being embedded in out lives. Pantone sought a color that would provide feelings of warmth, comfort, connection and intimacy and "Living Coral" definitely fits the bill. 

You can see from what I am wearing in the picture below that it’s easy to pair coral with colors that remind us of skin tones – warm, healthy, glowing tones of caramel, buff, tan, dewy pinks and chocolate like the ones found in my headband.

Click HERE to watch my latest segment on WUSA9 "Great Day DC" where I talk more about "Living Coral" and easy ways to incorporate the color into your wardrobe and style. You can also check out the Pantone color palettes below for a visual guide of how coral mixes well with other colors.

This palette reminds me of a tropical paradise and all the beautiful colors you find under the sea. 
Think of a coral reef.

Combine "Living Coral" with these fun, psychedelic colors, for a 
style reminiscent of a Warhol painting.

Evoke the colors of the sun rising and setting, when you pair 
"Living Coral" with any of these tones.

Below is an example of the warm, healthy skin tones I alluded to above -
 caramel, buff, tan, dewy pinks and chocolate.

#staystylish πŸ’‹

love, Michele

Monday, January 14, 2019

Cold Crush ❄❄

Winter snowstorms are beautiful to watch but after a few days of snacks and Netflix and Chill (blogger's note: check out the series "You")  cabin fever is bound to set in. No better cure than to dress up and go outside to play in the snow!

I grabbed a few items from my closet and my new fur-hood parka from @flybehavior and I was ready to go!

Winter is Here!
Scroll down for a peek at the looks I put together for my impromptu winter wonderland photoshoot. Let me know which one is your fave!



 Remember, no matter the weather, just #staystylish πŸ’‹


#staystylish πŸ’‹

love, Michele

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Brunch-n-Style: Channel Your Inner Spirit Animal!


"Brunch-n-Style" is an event held and hosted by eLevated style studio where the ladies are asked to dress for brunch in a specific style theme. I always encourage everyone who attends to be creatively stylish and unique while following the theme. The first brunch of the year is always a special one, and well-attended, so the theme had to be something that would really pop.

We kicked off the 2019 Brunch-n-Style season with a bang at Pennsylvania 6 Restaurant in Downtown, DC. Featured on the style Menu - Channel Your Spirit Animal!" I was inspired to choose this theme by a quiz I'd taken to discover my spirit animal - can you guess what animal I channeled (hint: it's an insect).
Of course, I was also inspired by the various animal print styles that had recently taken over fashion runways - cheetah, leopard, zebra, ostrich feathers, reptile prints. Starting in Fall 2018, animal was everywhere! As usual, I couldn't wait to see the ladies express their spirit animals with style.  And eLevated style studio's fashionable friends NEVER disappoint! There were brunch-n-style regulars and new faces, all looking amazing, and I was so busy trying to capture all the fabulousness that I barely even ate.
For me, the best part of the brunch was the time we spent making sure our insides look as stunning as the outsides. We shared our intentions (not resolutions) for 2019 with one another and it was so comforting to hear how many of us shared the same struggles, dreams and desires. I've shared a few below that might resonate in your life as well.

  • write and sell a script
  • not care what people think/be authentically me
  • express my love for fashion through a blog (of course I LOVE this one but it's not mine)
  • get married
  • do more with charitable organizations
  • to work on my purpose instead of my career
  • take time to listen
  • read more
  • give off great vibes
  • prioritize self-care; put myself on the calendar
We also talked about our spirit animals and what those animals represented for us personally. The energy in the room was inspiring beyond what I can put into words. It really was one of my favorite brunches so far.

Below are a few of my favorite looks that will fuel my creativity and passions for the rest of the year.  
Kristie Lee aka Flower Child was the winner of the most favorite outfit
Bridget was a Chinese Dragon! Love that!

Tena the Turtle - coolest tortoise I've ever seen.

So, did you guess my animal yet? If not, I was (am) a ButterFLY - emphasis intended on the "FLY"! I hope that you are inspired by this post and will join my Fashionable Friends as we break out of our cocoons and soar through 2019! 

#staystylish πŸ’‹

love, Michele

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Holiday Party Style

You know what one of my favorite things about winter fashion is?  Dressing for Holiday parties!! Whether it's incorporating Christmas-time red and green into my outfit as Santa's Stylish Helper at the Holiday Happy Hour Parties...


or breaking out the glittery metallics and sequins (blogger's note: please for the love of all things fashionable, stop spelling it "sequence" - one is an embellishment, the other is a particular order), if it's a holiday party, I'm here for it!
With both outfits above, I made basic black and white more festive with a little sparkle!

 The Stuart Weitzman silver boots, above,were just the right touch of sparkle 
for a Xmas party where I danced all night.

Dressed down casual or a Black tie Affair - I love it all!
Below are a few of my favorite holiday party looks that I've shared on my Instagram page


This Trina Turk tuxedo is a great piece to wear as a whole or
 as separates with the jacket or pants alone.

Share your thoughts below and let me know if you enjoy dressing for the holidays as much as I do. If you enjoy my holiday looks as much I did, I will hopefully have the opportunity to style you in the near future!

#staystylish πŸ’‹

love, Michele

Friday, December 7, 2018

Stay Stylish: Girls Night Out with Wink and Pout

Going out on a work night is always an adventure and I have to admit, sometimes I am just not up to the challenge. But I was not going to miss the grand opening of the brick and mortar storefront for Wink and Pout Cosmetics, a beautiful makeup and skincare line, created and cultivated by Kym Lee King. Kym is near and dear to my heart; she is family and she did my bridal makeup. I maintain to this day that my wedding beat was the prettiest I have ever looked in my entire life. Kym has maintained a successful online business for years but now her products and services are a part of the Spa at the MGM Grand National Harbor!


It was a night full of beauty and beautiful people. I wanted to be appropriately dressed but still comfortable. It's not easy to find a pair of fly designer shoes that allow you to stand on a marble floor for hours but these Gucci pumps did the trick.

And when I'm rushing to do a quick change from work clothes to "go out" clothes, I guarantee you that I will always bet on black for my outfit. It's a no brainer!

Congrats Cuzn Kym!!!! I love you and wish you all the continued success, blessings, and happiness you can handle.  Go check out Wink and Pout and get BEAUTIFUL!!

 #staystylish πŸ’‹love, Michele

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