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What is eLevated Style Studios?

Founded by Michele Lee Clements,  eLevated Style Studios was created to empower all women, primarily those over the age of 35, to finally become truly comfortable in their own skin! Michele, affectionately known as Meech, guides women who are moving toward their next major milestone using the dual pillars of fitness and fashion. By helping the everyday woman to elevate her style and shape, Michele serves as both a Coach and Cheerleader, revealing to her clients the importance of self-esteem and self-prioritization and an improved lifestyle overall.

At eLevated Style Studios, you can choose styling and wardrobe services to elevate your look, and fitness and nutrition programs to elevate your health and wellness. Whether you use one service or both, the services work in conjunction to help you present your best version of you. You will learn to embrace your present body while working to improve it and you will be encouraged to leave your comfort zone and discover a new and improved personal style.

Whether you want to improve your style, reach your fitness goals, or both, Michele is here to give you the tools and support to eLevate your lifestyle.


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