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I’m Michele - affectionately known as Meech - and I am the Chief Fashionista and Stylist-at-large at eLevated style studio where all things fashionable are always in style.


It's my personal belief that having style is a total body experience. It comes from self-love, and self-confidence and a knowledge of who you are. As you learn and experience new things, you grow as a person - why shouldn't your style do the same


Style is simply a story, your story. It isn't just about clothes, it's who you want to be and what you have to say. So why not experiment and have fun with fashion! Let it speak to you and let it speak for you!


In a style rut? You’re in luck! eLevated style studio is here to do the work for you! eLevated style studio is your go-to source for creative inspiration on what's right to wear, right now.

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On The Blog: Meech's Musings on Staying Stylish

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My #StyleDiary - Coffee, Tea, and Meech

This "My #StyleDiary" entry is all about being caffeinated to the max. Most blog readers who follow my Instagram page know that I am an avid Starbucks fan, my drink of choice being a chai tea latte with soy milk and extra pumps of chai. However, I started taking walking breaks with my friends and they turned me on to there fave coffee shop, Bourbon.

I haven't given up on Starbucks, mainly because of the convenience of the drive thru, but as you can see from the picture below, Bourbon has a pretty extensive menu of really delicious drinks.
And they are socially conscious - the first Bourbon shop opened in Rwanda and the company is committed to economic growth in Africa. How could my #Blackgirlmagic be mad at that?

Shout out to a company that makes you feel good about spending your money and provides great flavors as well as photo op settings! And in case you are wondering, where I got this great maxi dress, check out my blogpost about the grand opening of Eshe Boutique.

 #staystylish 💋love, Michele

Monday, September 2, 2019

Fall 2019 Fashion Forecast


Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer as pools close and beach lovers make that one last trip to their favorite spot. We start looking ahead to our Fall wardrobes and this Fall there are tons of fashion trends to choose from. With so many looks on the fashion runways, there is something for everyone. 
Even better, what was old is new again! Because many of the trends are a return to past styles from the 70s, 80s and 90s, you may be able to find pieces in your closet or on the cheap at a local thrift or vintage store. You really can’t lose!

First, Fall 2019 is throwing it back to the 70s with lots of metallic colors and lame fabric. Look to style inspiration from Studio 54,
as well as a return to the classic 70s girl look of blouses and a-line skirts. The blouses are updated with patterns and high necks as well as romantic lace while skirts are here in an always stylish leather (or vegan leather). Don't forget your cape to complete your 70s look.

Moving forward a decade, the 80s are back with a romantic ode to the grunge look. Dark florals are accompanied by leather moto jackets and combat boots a la grunge rock queen Courtney Love.

Of course, a return to fashion from years past would not be complete without updated styles from the power decade, the 90s. Power suits with strong shoulders are back in bright neons as well as plaids. Feathers have also made a return, replacing faux fur as the must have staple in your Fall closet.

Also, look for leopard print everywhere! Animal prints of all kinds took over the runways for Fall 2018 but for 2019, leopard has emerged as the big cat supreme. Look for it on tops, pants, shoes, dresses, skirts as well as outwear - leopard print has become the newest neutral.

Click HERE to watch my latest segment on WUSA9 "Great Day DC" where I talk more about the fashion forecast for Fall 2019, and show you how to rock each look.

 #staystylish 💋love, Michele

Sunday, August 25, 2019

My #StyleDiary - the Sagamore Pendry entry

I love a place that has character. Always something to see that makes you go "hmmm" or "wow" or "that's so different/cool". The Sagamore Pendry Hotel in Baltimore, MD is one of those places. I almost hate to blog about it because it's a hidden gem of a luxury boutique hotel and I don't want it to become so popular that I can no longer get a reservation. But it really is too fabulous not to share.

I most recently visited the Pendry to celebrate a good friend's birthday. We had an amazing brunch at the Rec Pier Chop House
Happy Birthday to my Boothang!
and continued our celebration in the beautiful courtyard.
Of course we ended up at the poolside bar - you know how I love the water!
Check out these FLY Dita Sunglasses that I borrowed from a friend

Scroll down for more looks from the Sagamore Pendry entry of my #stylediary!

I found the champagne vending machine!

Candids in the Courtyard
Amazing Harbor views!

I wish I had style deets to share, but everything I had on with the exception of the white bodysuit from FashionNova has been in my closet for years!
I found a similar-ish tulle skirt at

and you can google knee-high gladiator boots to find a similar pair such as these.

 #staystylish 💋love, Michele

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Stylist's Spotlight: Bey on Vacay

Welcome to the latest Stylist's Spotlight post! In this edition, I am shining the style spotlight on my client, Beya Johnson. You might remember that I recently collaborated with Beya on a Frida Kahlo inspired photoshoot. She's a talented photographer, who runs her own business, as well as a wife and mom, so she is always on the go.

Beya reached out to eLevated style studio for help styling her vacation to France. She was heading to Paris, the South of France, and a wedding in Versailles and needed style help and a quick turnaround time. I got to work sourcing items from some of my favorite sites that have a great track record with quality and shipping.
The wedding guest dress

Everything reached Beya in more than enough time for her departure and we were able to try things on and put together various looks that will give Beya lots of style versatility without taking up too much suitcase space.
A little something for the South of France!

Bey, I hope your trip is as amazing as you looked during our dress rehearsal! Can't wait for you to share your beautiful photos. If you want to see pics from Beya's trip or book her for a photography session, follow her on IG @beyajohnson.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

My #StyleDiary: Animal Print on the Prowl


Animal prints are so much fashion fun! First, there are so many different prints to choose from leopard to cheetah to tiger to snakeskin. Second, it's basically a neutral - there isn't a color out that can't be paired with an animal print (put that to the test if you don’t believe me).

This giraffe print blazer is my favorite animal print piece because it's so versatile. The yellow and black color is different than the typical brown and yellow giraffe print and is more vibrant. The jacket can be dressed up or down and every time it gives off a different look. Below I dressed it down with a pair of Adidas capri joggers and an eLevated Style studio custom made sequin graphic print tank.


Scroll down for a peek into my #stylediary to see the other ways I styled one jacket. Be sure to let me know which look is your favorite!

fun and flirty with a ruffled tiered tutu
Classic shorts with a beach hat for a preppy vibe
A smooth criminal in a fedora and leather pants

 #staystylish 💋

love, Michele

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Brunch-n-Style: Sundresses, Seersucker, Rooftops and Rosé

"Brunch-n-Style" is an event held and hosted by eLevated style studio where the all-girl guests are asked to dress for brunch in a specific style theme. I always encourage everyone who attends to be creatively stylish and unique while following the theme. 

We brought in the Summer 2019 edition of Brunch-n-Style season at City Winery in the Ivy City section of Washington, DC. Featured on the style Menu - "Sundresses, Seersucker & Summer Suits!" 
Not only did my Fashionable Friends bring the summertime style and shine but they also bought the party to the rooftop of City Winery! 
It was a perfect setting for this group of beautiful women to come together, bringing our positive energies and giving off our magical vibes. We were clearly radiating something phenomenal, because I had quite a few requests to be put on the guest list for the next Brunch-n-Style.
The City Winery rooftop is covered but has beautiful views and great spots for photo ops as well. 
Our plates were emptied quickly and our adult beverages stayed full. And DJ Jealousy rocked the house, providing all our favorite hits so we could dance off the calories from the good food and liquor! When we started up the line dancing, someone who was attending an all-white 50th birthday celebration walked up to me and said she wanted to join our party! You know me, if it's a party, the more the merrier!
This is one venue that is definitely high on my recommendation list (click here for more info on the Rooftop Brunch) and I know we will be back!

Scroll down for pics from the day - there were so many great ones to choose from, too many to include on one post, but these are just a few favorites.

Follow me on IG or on FB to be added to the Brunch-n-Style guest list! I love to meet new fashionable friends as everyone brings a different flavor and style to this wonderful group! 
Stay Stylish!
- Love, Michele 💋

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Inspired by Frida Kahlo: An Editorial Photoshoot

"I paint flowers so they will not die" - Frida Kahlo

Working as a wardrobe stylist for photoshoots is a humbling experience. Each and every opportunity I get to do what I love feels fresh and new and is such a blessing. My most recent invitation to style a shoot was just as incredible with one exception that made it even better - this shoot was a picture perfect all- female collaboration with 5 other amazing creatives! Hairstylist Gwynn Johnson of GoByGeohaghan, Makeup artist Sarah Carter, Photographer Beya Johnson and models Aja and Sara were the quintessential girl dream team and together we made Frida Kahlo come to life in the Spring of 2019! (Special shoutout to our silent collaborator, business owner Kristie Lee of Lee's Flower Shop for providing the floral arrangements for the shoot!)
While other people were running Saturday morning errands or just getting out of bed, we were up and at 'em, letting our creative juices fly on the set.
Sarah prepped, painted and retouched faces using a brilliant color palette.
Gwynn created beautiful crowns of hair using big braids and curls and vibrant flowers.

Beya facilitated gorgeous shots with her photographer's expertise, finding the best lighting and angles as well as being super encouraging and putting the models at ease.
As for the styling for the shoot, I was inspired by Frida Kahlo's iconic sense of fashion - blending traditional Mexican looks with a modern twist that felt easy but still sexy. Below are the looks I came up with. 


Scroll down for a peek at a few of my favorite pictures from the finished album collection. These pictures will be featured in an upcoming magazine editorial via the Two Bright Lights platform. I am so proud of the work I did with these ladies and truly cannot wait for the chance to do it again and again!


"Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?" - Frida Kahlo

   - Michele

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