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I’m Michele - affectionately known as Meech - and I am the Chief Fashionista and Stylist-at-large at eLevated style studio where all things fashionable are always in style.


It's my personal belief that having style is a total body experience. It comes from self-love, and self-confidence and a knowledge of who you are. As you learn and experience new things, you grow as a person - why shouldn't your style do the same


Style is simply a story, your story. It isn't just about clothes, it's who you want to be and what you have to say. So why not experiment and have fun with fashion! Let it speak to you and let it speak for you!


In a style rut? You’re in luck! eLevated style studio is here to do the work for you! eLevated style studio is your go-to source for creative inspiration on what's right to wear, right now.

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meech's musings

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Inspired by Frida Kahlo: An Editorial Photoshoot

"I paint flowers so they will not die" - Frida Kahlo

Working as a wardrobe stylist for photoshoots is a humbling experience. Each and every opportunity I get to do what I love feels fresh and new and is such a blessing. My most recent invitation to style a shoot was just as incredible with one exception that made it even better - this shoot was a picture perfect all- female collaboration with 5 other amazing creatives! Hairstylist Gwynn Johnson of GoByGeohaghan, Makeup artist Sarah Carter, Photographer Beya Johnson and models Aja and Sara were the quintessential girl dream team and together we made Frida Kahlo come to life in the Spring of 2019! (Special shoutout to our silent collaborator, business owner Kristie Lee of Lee's Flower Shop for providing the floral arrangements for the shoot!)
While other people were running Saturday morning errands or just getting out of bed, we were up and at 'em, letting our creative juices fly on the set.
Sarah prepped, painted and retouched faces using a brilliant color palette.
Gwynn created beautiful crowns of hair using big braids and curls and vibrant flowers.

Beya facilitated gorgeous shots with her photographer's expertise, finding the best lighting and angles as well as being super encouraging and putting the models at ease.
As for the styling for the shoot, I was inspired by Frida Kahlo's iconic sense of fashion - blending traditional Mexican looks with a modern twist that felt easy but still sexy. Below are the looks I came up with. 


Scroll down for a peek at a few of my favorite pictures from the finished album collection. These pictures will be featured in an upcoming magazine editorial via the Two Bright Lights platform. I am so proud of the work I did with these ladies and truly cannot wait for the chance to do it again and again!


"Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?" - Frida Kahlo

   - Michele

Thursday, May 30, 2019

My #StyleDiary: The Wynwood Walls Entry


The Wynwood Wall Art District provided the perfect backdrops for me to flex my style muscles. Every time I visit I see something new - I am so inspired by street art and the people who create it!

Scroll down for a peek into the latest entry of my #stylediary!

And then there was this masterpiece...

My #stylediary outfit details:
Top by Forever 21 is sold out but pants still available here

Yellow pom pom shorts are vintage - find similar here or here

Birkenstock plastic sandals - get them here

Giuseppe Zanotti "Cruel" Winged High Heels available here

Sunnies are Vintage Gucci Style No. GG2846/S

 #staystylish 💋love, Michele

Thursday, May 23, 2019

My #StyleDiary - the Mandrake Miami Entry

Trying a new restaurant is so much fun, especially one with excellent reviews, delicious food, great service and a beautiful decor. 
The Mandrake in Miami Beach did not disappoint in any of these areas and I got a chance to catch up with my close friends, accessories Stylist Nicole Sparkman (@viviansinclairstyle on IG).

Scroll down for a peek into the latest entry into my #stylediary!

Can't wait to return for my next foodie happy ending!

My #stylediary outfit details:
Blouse from Ann Taylor Loft available here

Rust Paperbag Tie Waist Shorts by Free Press available here

Rainbow J'Adior Handbag Strap with Engraved Metallic Stars worn as belt. Similar styles from Dior here

Christian Louboutin Brown Galeria 100 Cannelle Gold Bronze Stud Sandals are last season - check resale sites like Tradesy or the RealReal.

Saint Laurent Monogramme Clutch - check resale sites

 #staystylish 💋love, Michele

Sunday, May 19, 2019

You're INVITED to the Grand Opening of Eshe Boutique!

"It's not just an opening, it's a movement" is how owner Mia Hammett (@mia.hammett) described the grand opening of Eshe Boutique. Eshe enjoyed an online presence for several years before opening it's physical doors in the historic downtown neighborhood of Sanford, NC not far from the Raleigh/Durham area. I was really and truly honored when Mia asked me to be a special guest at the event, because I knew how much this store meant to her and her mother, who passed away before the store opened.
I know Mia's mom's spirit was in the place because I have never seen so many perfect strangers vibe together for one common goal. We all pitched in to help out and everyone had a smile and laugh. Even though the place belongs to Mia, it felt like we all had ownership and an important role in the success of the day. It was almost like welcoming a new child to the family. 

The boutique is beautifully decorated and gives you the feel of being in a stylish walk in closet, with plenty of natural light, mirrors, luxurious seating and best of all FABULOUS clothes and shoes. As soon as I walked in, my eyes were drawn to the colors and patterns Mia curated for her collection.
I chose something fun, and functional with a funky feel to style my first model, the beautiful Khaira (@khairas_). I love the bright yellow of the shorts suit, which can be worn together or as separated, and the on-trend tropical leaf print of the crop top. Finished off with a pair of Gucci sandals (stylist own) and Khiara was ready for date night, a night out with the girls, weekend brunch, or practically any other social event!
For my second look, I styled the amazing Shalom (@shalom_joy) in a beautiful pastel maxi dress that I had her model dressed down with a pair of flat sandals and complimented with a summer ready straw bag. Then, I elevated the look with a pair of green leaf print heels and a gorgeous mid-length pastel pink cape and Shalom went from a casual summer day to ready for a lovely dinner or Sunday church service. 
Both ladies wore their looks perfectly and they were amazing to work with!
Congratulations Mia - I, along with many other, am so very proud of you. Thank you for trusting my stylist's vision and including me in this newest chapter of your story!

 #staystylish 💋love, Michele

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Q&A with Meech: What about the Plus-Sized Girls?


Recently, I served as a panelist at the B.A.S.H. Pop Up Brunch Panel (read about the event here). My favorite question that I was asked was how I attract my fashionable friends to my styling business via social media. I liked this question because it made me think. As I discover more about using social media for business, I've learned that your content is not for you, it's for your followers.
Stylish plus-sized women are a large sector on IG - if they aren't engaged on my page, that's a problem. But I'm the size I am and the content on my social media is mainly me - I am building a brand based on my services and talents. Did I really want to change that format?

With these thoughts in my head, I went through my IG and FB pages with the proverbial fine toothed comb. Nothing is perfect, so of course there were tweaks to be made, but looking at my posts made the answer clear as day, and when I think back on how I answered the question at the brunch panel, it was confirmation.

My styling service is not based on size, it's based on the woman I see before me, and helping her to tell her story through fashion. When I post pictures of myself, they are to serve as examples of my personal style - to give ideas, or provide a roadmap. These ideas translate to a size 0 or a size 24 - size is truly nothing but a number. I don't wear many things that someone smaller or bigger than my size couldn't pull off. That's why I always say that a person's sense of style is really all about their inner confidence. When I see a woman who is smaller than me wearing an outfit I like, I go home and translate parts of that look into something that works for me. If a fashionable friend who is a size 8 admires my style and contracts my styling services, I am going to translate my look into a similar one that works for her - not just something that is her size but something that tells her story - what she wants the world to see, what she has to say about who she is.

So the answer to my plus girls is this...
While my IG and FB pics represent me as the Chief Fashionista of my brand, my styling is representative of all women. If you love my style but can't see how to make it work for your size, contact me for a consultation - together we can find your style story!

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