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Meet the Founder of eLevated Studios

Fashion Lover • Fitness Enthusiast • Fabulously Fierce Coach



Hi! I’m Michele - affectionately known as Meech - and I am the Founder of eLevated Studios. eLevated Studios was created to help women like you to elevate their lifestyle to a new and improved level through fashion and fitness.  Much of my life has been centered around sports and style - I've been an athlete since elementary school, and it was only natural for me to turn my love of fitness into group exercise and personal training certifications when I reached adulthood. Despite being a tomboy, I grew up falling in love with clothes, shoes, accessories and being well put together. It's definitely a gene that has been passed down through the stylish women in my family, especially my grandmother, Faye. In the past, I've held jobs in fashion retail stores and at various gyms and fitness studios. Nowadays I love being a business woman who plays an integral role in changing other women's lives for the better!

I know the struggle of being a busy working woman in today's demanding world; I have a full-time corporate job and a full-time family that take priority - I understand how hard it can be to find space to make your needs the top priority. But time waits for no one and there is no better time than NOW! The older we get, the harder it gets - we naturally lose bone density and muscle mass, and as women we have the added joy (insert sarcasm) of hormonal changes and/or imbalances. These changes don't always make us look or feel our best. I believe the way to get us back on track is through eLevating your shape and style. Having the self-confidence to develop your own personal style is a total body experience that is directly related to your personal health and wellness. To LOOK great in what you wear you have to FEEL great about yourself and your body; to feel great about your body on the outside you need to show it love on the inside. Whether your focus is fashion, fitness, or both, the journey to your best you starts with self-love and a commitment to change. It's your body - you get to decide what you give to it and what it will give back to you! I am here to coach and guide you on your journey.

As you learn and experience new things, you grow as a person. As a Coach, I want to help you find the next, best chapter in your story. It isn't just about the clothes, or what size you are, or the number on the scale - it's about who you want to be, how you want to show up and what you have to say about your journey. I can't wait to meet you and watch you become your most eLevated you!

Welcome to YOUR eLevated Lifestyle!


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