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My #StyleDiary: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

There's a quiet little side street in Georgetown, across from the beautiful Dumbarton Oaks Park, where every year, the Fall leaves come down all at once. The neighborhood residents say it sounds like the rain during a thunderstorm. The next day the street is transformed into the Yellow Brick Road from Oz. So, what better spot to show off fun Fall fashions courtesy of a photoshoot.

Say "Cheese"I was instantly amazed by the gorgeous color of the leaves. I have never seen leaves in one uniform color in one location like this. It was definitely mesmerizing and made me super excited to shoot.

photo taken by/credited to Eric Dow

My outfits included different bottoms and coats. Since I already had my jeans on I started there with a tester shot (above) and then did a quickie change in the truck for the picture perfect clothes combos below.

I hope this #stylediary post inspires you to play with your fall wardrobe and come up with new looks! Leave a comment and let me know which look is your favorite! And don't forget to follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Stay Stylish!

- Love, Michele 💋

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