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Brunch-n-Style: Channel Your Inner Spirit Animal!

"Brunch-n-Style" is an event held and hosted by eLevated style studio where the ladies are asked to dress for brunch in a specific style theme. I always encourage everyone who attends to be creatively stylish and unique while following the theme. The first brunch of the year is always a special one, and well-attended, so the theme had to be something that would really pop.

We kicked off the 2019 Brunch-n-Style season with a bang at Pennsylvania 6 Restaurant in Downtown, DC. Featured on the style Menu - Channel Your Spirit Animal!" I was inspired to choose this theme by a quiz I'd taken to discover my spirit animal - can you guess what animal I channeled (hint: it's an insect).

Of course, I was also inspired by the various animal print styles that had recently taken over fashion runways - cheetah, leopard, zebra, ostrich feathers, reptile prints. Starting in Fall 2018, animal was everywhere! As usual, I couldn't wait to see the ladies express their spirit animals with style. And eLevated style studio's fashionable friends NEVER disappoint! There were brunch-n-style regulars and new faces, all looking amazing, and I was so busy trying to capture all the fabulousness that I barely even ate.

For me, the best part of the brunch was the time we spent making sure our insides look as stunning as the outsides. We shared our intentions (not resolutions) for 2019 with one another and it was so comforting to hear how many of us shared the same struggles, dreams and desires. I've shared a few below that might resonate in your life as well.

  • write and sell a script

  • not care what people think/be authentically me

  • express my love for fashion through a blog (of course I LOVE this one but it's not mine)

  • get married

  • do more with charitable organizations

  • to work on my purpose instead of my career

  • take time to listen

  • read more

  • give off great vibes

  • prioritize self-care; put myself on the calendar

We also talked about our spirit animals and what those animals represented for us personally. The energy in the room was inspiring beyond what I can put into words. It really was one of my favorite brunches so far. Below are a few of my favorite looks that will fuel my creativity and passions for the rest of the year.

Kristie Lee aka Flower Child was the winner of the most favorite outfit

Bridget was a Chinese Dragon! Love that!

Tena the Turtle - coolest tortoise I've ever seen.

So, did you guess my animal yet? If not, I was (am) a ButterFLY - emphasis intended on the "FLY"! I hope that you are inspired by this post and will join my Fashionable Friends as we break out of our cocoons and soar through 2019!

#staystylish 💋 - love, Michele

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