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Brunch-n-Style: More than just food, fashion & fun

I recently received a "warm your heart and make you smile" text from my good girlfriend and hair stylist Gwynn (follow her on IG @go_by_geohaghan). She was fresh off of a job where she provided her signature killer hair styles on set at a Valentine's Day themed photo shoot for a local fashion designer. The opportunity crossed Gwynn's path via another GGF of mine, Shelena, who is living her dreams as a model over the age of 40 (follow her on IG @model_legsandsmiles).

By all accounts the photoshoot was a big success. Pictures from the shoot will be featured in the February issue of CIE Fashion Magazine available online at Shelena, wearing a hair style created by Gwynn, is featured on the cover.

So how did these 2 creative powerhouse women meet? At eLevated Style Studio's

very first Brunch-n-Style held in May 2017!

That's Gwynn next to me and Shelena with the purple hair.Yep, I was behind their connection and it could not make me happier to see something positive grow out of it. Connecting women who are movers and shakers in the world is one of the main reasons I started hosting Brunch-n-Styles. The women who attend aren't just my fashionable friends, they are truly forces be reckoned with - working women, many with families, who still find time to be entrepreneurs, set high level goals, follow their dreams and flex their creative muscles. All it takes is 2 or 3 of us to start throwing around ideas and suddenly there's magic being made. I always look forward to the style inspiration I get from the ladies at Brunch-n-Style, but to be a catalyst for collaborations is like icing on the cake! And when you are the plug for a collabo like Gwynn and Shelena's, you get behind the scenes pics to post on your style blog!

the "March Madness" Brunch-n-Style on Sunday, March 11th.

You never know who you may meet and what new energy will be sparked!

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