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My #StyleDiary: Desert Rose in Bloom Entry

Who decides to visit the Mojave desert in late July in search of picturesque backgrounds and a little bit of ahhhhhh? Your favorite Chief Fashionista, Meech that's who! 104 degree temps and no shade had nothing on the gorgeous views as I rode toward the California border. I've visited Vegas as many times as I have fingers but I've never ventured off the main strip unless I was heading to the airport. This time, I only stopped at the airport to pick up my rental car, a desert-ready pickup truck, before hitting Highway 15.

The Mojave spans 4 states: Nevada, California, Utah and Arizona and is full of beautiful mountains as well as valleys with authentic tumbleweeds and water basins. Only about a 20 minute drive from the Strip, the first stop was Seven Magic Mountains, an art installation that opened in May 2016 in Jean, Nevada. The magic mountains are actually 7 boulder towers that are over 30 feet high and colorfully painted.

You can see them from the road but there was nothing like being up close and personal to realize just how tall the towers are. Like I said, major photo ops!

The next stop was about 30 minutes farther down the highway where I popped in on a little Californian ghost town called Nipton. Nipton, CA is a former mining town with a population of 20, that sits 10 miles off Highway 15.

Of the 20 Nipton residents, I met 2, at the Nipton Trading Post. They were super nice and they weren't ghosts lol. The town was unique and beautifully picturesque. Wouldn't want to live there but still...major photo ops!

So long Mojave! This desert rose can't wait to come back!

#staystylish 💋- love, Michele

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