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My #StyleDiary Tip: Be a Walking BIllboard

You probably don't even think about but you are a walking billboard. Everything you do, every picture you take, the clothes you wear all create an image and vibe that says something about who you are as an individual. If you are an entrepreneur, you speak for your business and brand too. I personally like to create tshirts that speak to my personal styling/style blogger brand - I get to sell my business while selling tees to others who want to express themselves in a similar fashion.

When I style clients or even myself, I often think about how people are judged almost immediately by appearance. For me, helping someone find their personal style isn't about what's trendy - it's about taking control of how you want people to see you. The way you dress changes your demeanor and influences the way we think about ourselves and our place in the world. Want to be seen as powerful? Are you creative? Let it show in your style choices. Dress the part and watch yourself start to own it!

Part of being a walking billboard is being confident in who you are. Your personal style communicates confidence and commands respect without you ever having to say a word.

Here's your best style tip for the Fall 2019 season and beyond: challenge yourself. Think about the perception you want to give off - does it match the one you are currently giving? You are a walking billboard - you can put any image of yourself into the world. You have the power to affect how people see you and it can all start with something as simple as your personal style. Be the you that you've always wanted to be! And if you need help getting started, contact me for an "eLevate your style" personal styling session! #staystylish 💋- love, Michele

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