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My #StyleDiary: Tomboy@❤ or How a Tomboy Winds up Wearing Stilettos

Most people who have met me as an adult find it hard to believe that I ever had a hard time walking in high heels. That isn't surprising to me - I confidently wear heels 95% of the time - but once upon a time, I was a full-fledged tomboy who only wore a skirt or dress and a very low heel when it was absolutely necessary or required. It was "catch me in my jeans and sweats and high top Nikes or not at all" with no qualms, much to the disappointment of my Mom and the amusement of my Dad.

So what happened to cause this shift in my personal style? The cliff notes version of the story is "short legs". I'm 5'7", taller than the average woman however still not considered tall, and my torso is the longest part of me. Sitting in a car, I look like I am 6 feet tall, but notice how close I am to the steering wheel. Short legs. It never really crossed my mind in my teens and college years but when I entered the workforce, I noticed how high heels elongated the legs of the women I spotted striding down the city streets. I tired it out for myself and lo and behold, it worked, and I was hooked! I discovered that I love my short, athletically thick legs, but I love them much more in a high heel!

So now, it's heels with pretty much everything.

Of course, I am still a tomboy at heart and will never abandon #myAdidas. I am just as likely to dress down a skirt or maxi dress with a fresh pair of sneaks as I am to dress up a pair of shorts or sweats, definitely jeans, with a fly stiletto. And I know the 17 year old me, who managed to break the heel on a pair of my mother's favorite pumps at a homecoming dance (and remained happily barefoot for the remainder of the night) is in total awe!

Love, Michele 💋

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