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My #StyleDiary: One Dress, Three Different Ways

I think birthdays are special occasions. I personally like to treat mine like a national holiday, with a day off from work, a celebration of some sort with friends and family and a well-deserved vacation. My husband is the opposite - when his birthday rolls around he tends to be nonchalant and prefers to keep it lowkey. But every so often, I have a trick up my sleeve.

This year I surprised him with a visit to the Confetti Project and brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, True Food Kitchen, in Bethesda, MD. At the Confetti Project pop-up we enjoyed an impromptu photo shoot while having confetti thrown at us. We laughed like 2 big kids and later, we found confetti in places we never thought it would reach!

I wore a cute yellow dress with black dots that I recently got at one of my best kept secrets, Willow, a local boutique clothing store with stores in Petworth and at the Navy Yard. Black tights accented with a racing stripe, and a belt and loafers by Gucci made this an effortlessly stylish outfit.

Like I said before, I tend to have a trick or 2 up my sleeve. Any good stylist keeps a few pieces on hand for an impromptu "style opportunity." And there it was outside of the pop-up. A great color wall. Scroll down to see how I styled one dress, three different ways on a Sunday Funday!

The first look was really easy - I simply switched my gold loafers for a great pair of oxblood boots paired with burgundy over the knee socks and snuggled down in my moto jacket and infinity scarf.

Next it was time for a schoolgirl crush. The dress became a shirt under a jean jumper. I replaced the boots with classic Adidas updated with a floral pattern and I was suddenly casually chic.

For the last look, I changed into high-waisted jeans and a bright magenta blazer and added my favorite animal print booties for a night out with the girls or date night 'fit. I loved letting the neck tie of the dress hang loose and how I rolled up the jeans to give it a "not so put together" feel.

Do you have an idea of which outfit was my favorite? Did you like any of them? Comment below and let me know! I wonder if now you will start looking at some of your dresses as potential shirts - I hope so! It's always fun to play with clothes in different ways. Until the next time...

Stay Stylish!

- Love, Michele 💋

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