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My #StyleDiary: A Spiritual Butterfly at the #ButterflyBash

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the truly inspiring Butterfly Bash at the Washington National Cathedral. Being a guest at the event was exciting for me for a few reasons: first, it's called the Butterfly Bash, and if you keep up with my blog or IG enough, you know that the butterfly is my spirit animal. I am always looking forward to a chance to channel my spirit animal!

I had to wear my 🦋 tights!Second, the event was held on my old stomping grounds - as a graduate of the Beauvoir School and the National Cathedral School for girls, the Cathedral holds some special memories for me. I've never been to an event at the Cathedral that was not a religious service, a graduation, a wedding or a celebration of life (I don't like the word "funerals"). It was amazing to see the Cathedral in such beautiful lighting (although it made for some slightly tricky picture taking!)

But the most important reason I quickly accepted the plus one invite was that is put on by FairChance, an organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting community-based nonprofits who in turn are changing the lives of DC area youth living in poverty.

FairChance's logo includes a butterfly which is a symbol of life and hope. On a personal level, the butterfly represents transformations and this is a sentiment shared by Fair Chance. The organization was inspired by the Maya Angelou quote "We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty". I referenced that same quote when I got my butterfly tattoo which sits on the lifeline of my radial artery.

I'm not a believer in coincidence - God and the Universe put you in certain situations and places for a reason. It was a privilege to talk with a few of the nonprofit partners and learn more about their missions and the children they serve. As I said, really inspiring. We talked so long that we didn't realize that the party had shut down around us!

Congrats to FairChance and to the community organizations doing the important work for children and families in our city - It was a beautiful event to raise funds for beautiful people!

#staystylish 💋- love, Michele

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