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My #StyleDiary - Coffee, Tea, and Meech

This "My #StyleDiary" entry is all about being caffeinated to the max. Most blog readers who follow my Instagram page know that I am an avid Starbucks fan, my drink of choice being a chai tea latte with soy milk and extra pumps of chai. However, I started taking walking breaks with my friends and they turned me on to there fave coffee shop, Bourbon.

I haven't given up on Starbucks, mainly because of the convenience of the drive thru, but as you can see from the picture below, Bourbon has a pretty extensive menu of really delicious drinks.

And they are socially conscious - the first Bourbon shop opened in Rwanda and the company is committed to economic growth in Africa. How could my #Blackgirlmagic be mad at that?

Shout out to a company that makes you feel good about spending your money and provides great flavors as well as photo op settings! And in case you are wondering, where I got this great maxi dress, check out my blogpost about the grand opening of Eshe Boutique.

#staystylish 💋- love, Michele

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