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My #StyleDiary - the Sagamore Pendry entry

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I love a place that has character. Always something to see that makes you go "hmmm" or "wow" or "that's so different/cool". The Sagamore Pendry Hotel in Baltimore, MD is one of those places. I almost hate to blog about it because it's a hidden gem of a luxury boutique hotel and I don't want it to become so popular that I can no longer get a reservation. But it really is too fabulous not to share.

I most recently visited the Pendry to celebrate a good friend's birthday. We had an amazing brunch at the Rec Pier Chop House

Happy Birthday to my Boothang!

and continued our celebration in the beautiful courtyard.

Of course we ended up at the poolside bar - you know how I love the water!

Check out these FLY Dita Sunglasses that I borrowed from a friend

Scroll down for more looks from the Sagamore Pendry entry of my #stylediary!

I found the champagne vending machine!

Candids in the Courtyard

Amazing Harbor views!

I wish I had style deets to share, but everything I had on with the exception of the white bodysuit from FashionNova has been in my closet for years!

I found a similar-ish tulle skirt at

and you can google knee-high gladiator boots to find a similar pair such as these.

#staystylish 💋- love, Michele

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