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My #StyleDiary: Animal Print on the Prowl

Animal prints are so much fashion fun! First, there are so many different prints to choose from leopard to cheetah to tiger to snakeskin. Second, it's basically a neutral - there isn't a color out that can't be paired with an animal print (put that to the test if you don’t believe me).

This giraffe print blazer is my favorite animal print piece because it's so versatile. The yellow and black color is different than the typical brown and yellow giraffe print and is more vibrant. The jacket can be dressed up or down and every time it gives off a different look. Below I dressed it down with a pair of Adidas capri joggers and an eLevated Style studio custom made sequin graphic print tank.

Scroll down for a peek into my #stylediary to see the other ways I styled one jacket. Be sure to let me know which look is your favorite!

fun and flirty with a ruffled tiered tutu

Classic shorts with a beach hat for a preppy vibe

A smooth criminal in a fedora and leather pants

- love, Michele

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